A Vegan-Friendly Guide to Greenpoint, Brooklyn

A vegan-friendly guide to NYC’s Greenpoint neighborhood in Brooklyn, highlighting some of its best vegan-friendly eateries, coffee shops, vintage clothing, book, home/decor and record stores, parks, live music, galleries and more. 

Greenpoint is one of my favorite neighborhoods in New York City, especially when I feel overwhelmed by the chaos that surrounds me in Manhattan 24/7. In the midst of tree-lined streets with railroad apartments and industrial buildings, you’ll find cute cafes and bars, cozy restaurants and vintage stores that make it well worth the trip.

Sometimes referred to as “Little Poland”, Greenpoint is Brooklyn’s northernmost neighborhood, just a short walk from Williamsburg and bordering the East River, its unique charm is sure to win you over. In this guide, you’ll find some of my favorite Greenpoint spots, all in walking distance of each other, so you can easily explore them in one day.

What you’ll find in this guide:




[Brooklyn Whiskers, Almond Croissant, Oat Latte, Maple Cinnamon Cupcake, Tofu Scramble. © Kim-Julie Hansen]

What you’ll find

A fully vegan cafe serving coffee, tea, breakfast & lunch. Definitely a great place to start and enjoy an oat latte and vegan pastries or savory bowls and sandwiches. They’re famous for their delicious vegan croissants.

Where you’ll find it

1008 Manhattan Avenue. Note: there’s a second location in Bushwick, so be sure to look for “Brooklyn Whiskers Greenpoint” when looking it up. website | instagram | menu

When you’ll find it

Monday-Friday: 7:30AM-4PM. Saturday+Sunday: 9AM-6PM.



[Homecoming. © Kim-Julie Hansen]

What you’ll find

Coffee Shop + Retail Store, vegan-friendly. In addition to plants and coffee, you’ll also find some accessories and home decor elements. They offer various plant milks and even some vegan pastries and vegan marshmallows that you can add to hot chocolates and other drinks.

Where you’ll find it

107 Franklin Street. website (find the menu under “cafe menu”) | instagram

When you’ll find it

Monday-Friday: 7:30AM-7PM. Saturday+Sunday: 8:30AM-7PM.


[image: courtesy of Bagel Point]

What you’ll find

Bagel Point is a vegan-friendly 24/7 bagel shop on Manhattan Ave, right around the corner from McCarren Park. Almost all of their bagels and breads (except their “egg bagels”) are made without eggs, dairy or honey and are therefore fully vegan. They have several vegan tofu cream cheese flavors, as well as other vegan bagel toppings. They also offer five different vegan sandwiches: The “Hearty Vegan”, the “Greek”, the “Cauli”, the “Caprese” and the “Mexivegan”.  My personal go to: the toasted everything bagel with scallion tofu cream cheese. 

Where you’ll find it

699 Manhattan Ave. website | menu (the vegan options are listed under “vegan sandwiches”) | instagram

When you’ll find it

They’re open 24/7!


[Ovenly. © Kim-Julie Hansen]

What you’ll find

A cute little vegan-friendly cafe/bakery right by WNYC Transmitter Park near the East River. Please note that only two menu items are vegan, the chocolate chip cookie and one of the muffins (if they’re not labelled vegan, ask them and they’ll be able to point them out to you). The cookie alone is worth the trip, but just keep that in mind when planning your itinerary. This is a more of a coffee/tea break than a breakfast spot (which Brooklyn Whiskers is perfect for though).

Where you’ll find it

31 Greenpoint Avenue. website | instagram | menu

When you’ll find it:

Monday-Friday: 7:30AM-7PM. Saturday+Sunday: 8AM-7PM



[Antidote. © Kim-Julie Hansen]

What you’ll find

Vegan friendly cafe/apothecary/retail store. Many non vegan menu items can be made vegan on request and they’re very welcoming and accommodating when you tell them you’re looking for something vegan. They offer a variety of teas and hot beverages that aren’t coffee (from golden milk to hot chocolate, chai etc.), so this is the perfect spot for those who don’t necessarily drink coffee but would still like a cozy cafe environment. You’ll also find soy candles, crystals, herbs, body care products, aromatherapy and offer workshops and events.

Where you’ll find it

200 Franklin Street. website | instagram | menu.

When you’ll find it

Monday-Sunday: 12PM-7PM.



[The Break. © Kim-Julie Hansen]

What you’ll find

A mix of carefully curated vintage and some new (mostly vegan & ethical) clothing, including items from one of my favorite cruelty-free clothing brands, Hara The Label. You’ll also find some homeware and a selection of cruelty-free make up/cosmetics.

Tip: New Arrivals of their most recent vintage finds every Tuesday & Friday.

Where you’ll find it

82 Dobbin Street. website+online shop| instagram.

When you’ll find it

Monday-Saturday: 12PM-8PM. Sunday: 12PM-7PM.


[Walk The West. © Kim-Julie Hansen]

What you’ll find

Vintage clothing and accessories, some new products (candles, cosmetics, fragrances). Super cute store and a great selection of clothes, including jeans & shoes.

Where you’ll find it

150 Franklin Street. website | instagram.

When you’ll find it

Monday-Sunday: 12PM-8PM.


[Feng Sway. © Kim-Julie Hansen]

What you’ll find

Super Fine Vintage + Exotic Plants + Gift Shop. Unique decor and vibe. Highly recommended!

Where you’ll find it

86 Dobbin Street. website+online store | instagram.

When you’ll find it

Sunday-Thursday: 11AM-7PM. Friday-Saturday: 11AM-8PM.


[Dobbin St Coop. © Kim-Julie Hansen]

What you’ll find

“Vintage Finds at Brooklyn friendly prices”. Vintage clothing surrounded by home decor and plants. Very nice and chill staff.

Where you’ll find it

37 Norman Avenue (there are 2 other locations in Bushwick and Williamsburg). website | instagram.

When you’ll find it

Monday-Sunday: 12PM-7PM.



[Word Bookstore. © Kim-Julie Hansen]

What you’ll find

Independent community bookstore. A fantastic selection of both fiction and non fiction including a children’s book corner. My personal favorite is the poetry section. They host book launch events, panels and readings on a regular basis. Find the schedule on their website.

Where you’ll find it

126 Franklin Street. website | instagram.

When you’ll find it

Monday-Sunday: 10AM-9PM.



[Archestratus Bookstore. © Kim-Julie Hansen]

What you’ll find

A Sicilian bookstore and small cafe focusing on cookbooks, including a whole vegetarian and vegan section. If you love cookbooks, this is the place to be. I personally love exploring non vegan cookbooks and finding ways to veganize the recipes. The small cafe features Sicilian baked goods, so it’s not as vegan-friendly, but you can definitely find the occasional vegan treat. If you know when you’ll be there ahead of time, you can pre-order vegan butter balls via their online shop.

Where you’ll find it

website | instagram

When you’ll find it

Wednesday-Saturday: 11AM-8PM. Sunday: 11AM-6PM. (Closed on Monday + Tuesday)




[Adaptations. © Kim-Julie Hansen]

What you’ll find

Beautiful vintage furniture and home goods in addition to their “At Home” custom line of pillows, sofas, ottomans, benches, headboards, and more. Click here for a look at their Vintage Lookbook.

Where you’ll find it

109 Franklin Street. website | instagram.

When you’ll find it

Tuesday-Friday: 12PM-7PM. Sunday: 11AM-7PM. (Closed on Mondays)


[Home of the Brave. © Kim-Julie Hansen]

What you’ll find

Visionary Home Decor Shop. With a focus on Fair Trade and accessories and home goods made in the USA, Home of the Brave (founded by the couple behind the concept store Wolves Within) offers what they very adequately call an “elevated curation of Designers and Makers, presented in inspiring and thoughtful atmospheres”.

Where you’ll find it

146 Franklin Street. website | instagram.

When you’ll find it

Monday-Sunday: 12PM-7PM.



If you’re looking for good music and rare records, you’re in luck. Greenpoint has a number of vinyl record stores (some also offering CD’s and cassettes). Here are some of them:

CAPTURED TRACKS: 195 Calyer Street. website | instagram | Monday-Sunday: 12PM-8PM.

CO-OP 87 RECORDS: 87 Guernsey Street. website | instagram | Monday-Sunday: 12PM-8PM.

ACADEMY RECORDS: 85 Oak Street. website | instagram | Monday-Sunday: 12PM-8PM.




[Oxomoco. © Kim-Julie Hansen]

What you’ll find

Wood-Fired Mexican cuisine, brunch & dinner, vegan-friendly. Ask them for the vegan options and which dishes can be made vegan. Tip: try the carrot tamale, the beet tacos and the guacamole (just be sure to order the guac without cheese).

Where you’ll find it

128 Greenpoint Avenue. website | instagram | brunch menu| dinner menu.

When you’ll find it

Brunch hours – Monday-Friday: 12PM-3PM. Saturday-Sunday: 11AM-3PM. Dinner hours: Monday-Thursday: 5:30PM-10PM. Friday-Sunday: 5:30PM-11PM.


[Adelina’s. © Kim-Julie Hansen]

What you’ll find

Italian cuisine, vegan-friendly. One of my favorite restaurants in New York City and one I’d HIGHLY recommend for your Greenpoint dinner plans. While they’re currently an omni restaurant with an abundance of vegan options, they are planning on transitioning to a fully vegetarian & vegan menu soon. You honestly can’t go wrong with any of their menu choices, I’ve never had a dish that didn’t impress me. The ravioli and mushroom pizza with their homemade vegan cheese are definite winners though in case you can’t decide! They also have a selection of amazing wines and the atmosphere is cozy, making you feel right at home. Perfect for an intimate family dinner or even a date night. On the weekends, especially Friday and Saturday night, I’d recommend making reservations. Don’t miss out on their vegan desserts, they’re amazing.

Where you’ll find it

159 Greenpoint Avenue. website | instagram | menu.

When you’ll find it

Sunday-Thursday: 5:30PM-10:30PM (kitchen until 10PM). Friday-Saturday: 5:30PM-11PM (kitchen until 10:30PM). Closed on Mondays.


[Jungle Cafe, The Garden. © Kim-Julie Hansen]

What you’ll find

100% vegan and certified kosher, buffet & à la carte, healthy cuisine. Lunch & Dinner. From juices, smoothies and salads to sandwiches, beet burgers, curries and desserts, Jungle cafe is the ideal lunch spot if you’re looking for wholesome and nutritious (very tasty) meals that come in generous portions.

Where you’ll find it

131 Greenpoint Avenue. website | instagram | menu.

When you’ll find it

Monday-Thursday: 11:30AM-11:00PM. Friday-Saturday 11:30AM-11:30PM. Sunday 12PM-7PM.


What you’ll find

Health food store with an abundance of vegan options. Lunch & dessert to go made in house, very vegan-friendly. Note that this is more of a grocery store than a cafe/restaurant, but they do have freshly made food that you can enjoy on the go. If you’re staying at an airbnb or have access to a kitchen otherwise, this is where you’ll find an amazing selection of vegan faux meats, cheeses, yogurts and much more.

Where you’ll find it

921 Manhattan Avenue. websitemenu.

When you’ll find it

Monday-Friday: 7:30AM-8:30PM. Saturday: 8AM-8:30PM. Sunday: 8:30AM-7:30PM.


[Screamers, Van Leeuwen. © Kim-Julie Hansen]

What you’ll find

Fully vegan pizza by the slice. From chorizo and buffalo to fancy kale and tomato pie, Screamers has everything a pizza lover’s heart desires. They do have a few seating options, but the place is quite small and gets fairly busy, so just keep that in mind (the wait is usually relatively short though).

Where you’ll find it

620 Manhattan Avenue. website | instagram | menu.

When you’ll find it

Monday-Sunday: 12PM-12AM.


What you’ll find

Ice cream parlor and café, very vegan-friendly. Right next door to Screamers Pizzeria, Van Leeuwen offers vegan ice cream by the scoop or pint. Tip: they also have amazing milkshakes and vegan hot chocolate.

Where you’ll find it

620 Manhattan Avenue (they have other locations in Williamsburg and all across Manhattan too). website | instagram | menu.

When you’ll find it

Monday-Friday: 7AM-12AM. Saturday-Sunday: 9AM-12AM.


[Paulie Gee’s, Acai Berry. © Kim-Julie Hansen]

What you’ll find

Italian Cuisine, very vegan-friendly. Two locations in Greenpoint, the restaurant, which is open for dinner & dine-in only and the Slice Shop.

Where you’ll find it

Restaurant: 60 Greenpoint Avenue. website | instagram | menu.

Slice Shop: 110 Franklin Street. website | instagram | menu.

When you’ll find it

Restaurant: Monday-Friday: 6PM-11PM. Saturday: 5PM-11PM. Sunday: 5PM-10PM.

Slice Shop:  Monday-Thursday: 12PM-4PM + 6PM-11PM. Friday: 12PM-4PM + 6PM-1AM. Saturday: 12PM-1AM. Sunday: 12PM-11PM.



What you’ll find

Vegan-friendly. Takeout + dine-in (very casual atmosphere). Vegan sushi, juices, smoothies, bowls, salads, wraps.

Where you’ll find it

650 Manhattan Avenue. website | menu.

When you’ll find it

Monday-Saturday: 10:30AM-9:30PM. Sunday: 11:30AM-9PM.



[Ramona. © Kim-Julie Hansen]

What you’ll find

Bar with a selection of wines and liquors, many of which are accidentally vegan. I checked and the majority of the wines they offer are indeed vegan-friendly. Since menus change, be sure to double check on barnivore.com when you go. One of my favorite bars in Greenpoint, service is always excellent and super friendly. Note: depending on whose shift it is, they don’t always know which drinks are vegan, so be sure to use the app to check. They offer a few snacks that are naturally vegan like nuts and olives, but no extensive food menu, so this is a great place to go before or after dinner.

Where you’ll find it

113 Franklin Street. website | instagram | menu.

When you’ll find it

Monday-Friday: 5PM-4AM. Saturday-Sunday: 2PM-4AM.

Note: There are many amazing bars in Greenpoint (too many to list), many of which will have accidentally vegan items on the menu. I highlighted my favorite one, but you can definitely pick any bar depending the vibe and atmosphere you’re looking for and simply check the barnivore website to see which drinks are vegan.


Greenpoint has many beautiful sights and is the perfect neighborhood to explore by foot. Three of the main streets are Franklin Street, Greenpoint Avenue and Manhattan Avenue, where you’ll find most shops and eateries. I love to take the G train to Greenpoint Ave, walk to Brooklyn Whiskers for coffee and croissants and then make my way through the Historic District all the way to Franklin Street and WNYC Transmitter Park.

Other than that, be sure to check out the different shops’ (like Word Bookstore and Antidote) event calendars if you’d like to connect with like-minded people. For live music, cinema and gallery suggestions, see details below.



[Historic District, Greenpoint. © Kim-Julie Hansen]

Greenpoint Historic District is roughly bounded by Kent, Calyer, Noble, and Franklin Streets, Clifford Place and Manhattan Avenue. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in the early 1980s and consists of over 350 contributing commercial and residential buildings built between 1850 and 1900. It includes row houses, apartment buildings, former factories, churches and even two banks.


[WNYC Transmitter Park. © Kim-Julie Hansen]

WNYC Transmitter Park (named after the WNYC radio transmitter towers it used to be home to) was opened to Greenpoint community in 2012 and borders West Street between Kent Street and Greenpoint avenue. It’s a wonderful place to walk around, take a break from exploring shops and cafes and enjoy a stunning view of Manhattan.



[McCarren Park. Photo credit: © Behind The Scenes NYC | @behindthescenesnyc (used with permission)]

McCarren Park is located at the crossroads between Williamsburg and Greenpoint. On 35 acres, it’s where locals love to run, play basketball, soccer and many other sports. It’s family friendly and during the spring and summer time, a great place for a picnic or simply to relax outdoors.



[Le Fanfare, © Kim-Julie Hansen]

Le Fanfare is an Italian restaurant founded by the same musicians who are also behind Epistrophy Café in Soho (one of my favorite spots). Wanting to combine their love for food and music, they offer events and live music at their locations. Truth be told, Le Fanfare isn’t the most vegan-friendly restaurant I’ve ever been to, but for drinks and music, it’s great. Should you want to eat there as well, I’d just recommend emailing them in advance, they’ll be happy to come up with a vegan option for you.

1103 Manhattan Avenue. website | event calendar | instagram.


Sofar Sounds offers intimate concerts in unlikely places. It started in 2009 when founder Rafe Offer invited a few people over to a London flat for an intimate and low-key concert. What started as a hobby is now a worldwide, volunteer based, phenomenon. Since the exact locations are often secret until the last minute, there’s no guarantee you’ll find an event to attend in Greenpoint, but it’s worth keeping an eye on their website and instagram account, you just might be in luck.


THE GREENPOINT GALLERY: non-profit art gallery and artists’ studios. 390 McGuinness Boulevard. website | instagram | events & shows.

For a list of more Greenpoint art galleries, click here.


FILM NOIR CINEMA: genre-specific (film noir) independent movie theatre. open daily. 122 Meserole Avenue. website | program | instagram.

LIGHT INDUSTRY: venue for film and electronic art. 155 Freeman Street. websitecalendar/program | instagram.


Before looking for a place to stay in Greenpoint, keep in mind that it may not be the best location to stay in if you’re planning on exploring mostly Manhattan during your time in NYC. As shown above, Greenpoint has so much to offer, but commuting to other parts of the city may take a little longer, so be sure to decide whether you want to make this neighborhood a 1 or 2 day destination or the main focus of your entire stay. That being said, there are many reasons why you might still want to stay in Greenpoint.

If you’re not used to big (and extremely busy) cities like New York, you may easily feel overwhelmed by the midtown chaos and crowds, so Greenpoint can be a much more quiet safe haven of sorts to go back to at night. In order to really feel like you’re getting the most out of staying here, I’d recommend checking Airbnb listings under ‘Greenpoint, NYC’.


Guest House on 214 Franklin Street offering studios and suites (the suites include kitchens). | website.

Check out other hotels and deals in the area via expedia.com.

Tip: If you’re on a budget, I’d recommend checking out Airbnb or even Couchsurfing first.










VEGAN NYC (iPhone only): a list (and map) of all fully vegan places (food, cosmetics and more) in NYC. Updated regularly. Very useful (and free) app.

HAPPY COW (iPhone & android): worldwide database of vegan, vegetarian and vegan-friendly eateries. Crowd-sourced, so you’ll find plenty of reviews and tips and can also submit your own suggestions. Paid app & free website.

GOOGLE MAPS (iPhone & android): Unlike the usual maps app that is preinstalled in most phones, this app also includes public transport information and is the best way to navigate the city. I’ve also created a custom map that includes all the spots mentioned in this article, which you can easily add to the app.


I’m usually not a fan of classic city guides that list all the usual tourist attractions, but if I had to recommend one guide for New York City, it would be The Lazy Frenchie In NYC written by Aurelie Hagen. The author created much more than just a guide, showcasing her favorite spots using visual story-telling à la Instagram, quickly making you feel like a local rather than a tourist. You can tell that she put her heart and soul into this project and you definitely won’t regret getting this book.


website | instagram | the book


@behindthescenesnyc (website| instagram): Behind the Scenes NYC specializes in off-the-beaten-path finds and uncovering a lesser known side of NYC. Their motto: “Disrupting the status quo, far from NY’s touristy scene & strengthening the local community.”

Click here for Greenpoint related articles on their website.

@veganeatsnyc (website | instagram): Blogger Crystal Pang, the face behind @veganeatsnyc, is an expert at finding vegan food practically anywhere in the city. Following her social media accounts thereby becomes a discovery for both tourists and locals. I constantly find new places to try thanks to her and hers is one of my favorite NYC accounts to follow.

@greenpointers (website | instagram): THE insider website and instagram account for Greenpoint run by locals sharing all the latest exhibits, events, news and tips.


PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: Coming from Manhattan, you can take the L train and then switch to the G train to get to Greenpoint Ave. The L will be out of service from Spring 2019 on (for about 18 months). At that point, commuting will be slightly more complicated, but you can still take buses or take the Q,N,2,3,4 and 5 trains to South Brooklyn and switch to the G train there or. Alternatively, you can take the J train and either walk through Williamsburg to Greenpoint or take the bus. You can also take a Ferry from Wall Street or Midtown, which will probably end up taking longer, but you’ll be able to enjoy the view.

CAR: Taking a Cab or a ride sharing service like Lyft or Uber is the quickest way.

BIKE: One more option is renting a bike (via City Bike, for instance). From Manhattan you can cross the Williamsburg bridge and ride along the water on Kent avenue until you get to Greenpoint. Please note that biking is by far not as common or safe in NYC as in other cities (especially cities like Amsterdam or Berlin). There aren’t many bike paths and traffic can get crazy, so be sure to wear a helmet.


Find all spots mentioned in this article on google maps by clicking here or on the image below.


[Franklin Street, India Street. © Kim-Julie Hansen]


All pictures taken by Kim-Julie Hansen unless otherwise specified.

A special Thank You to Rachel Cohen for co-curating the content.

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